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Top 10 Khmer Websites by Year End 2020

My spent my childhood reading lots of books ranging from my study obligation, history of the world, poetry, short story, and religion. In those time in the 90s, it was difficult to find certain topics to read because one cannot access to the library or find a book shop anywhere even in the city.

Nowadays, reading is possible from your own palm with the modern gadgets such as your mobile phone and tablet. Everyone owns at least one device no matter how far they are located at whether it is in the city or in the countryside.

In today article, I am going to share with you the top 10 most read website in Cambodia. However, I am not quite sure whether these are measured by all are Cambodian readers or including foreigners, but we just know that these are the most popular website rank in the Kingdom. To mention, I am not going to include websites from outside such as Google and YouTube. (Source: Alexa)

1. Khmerload

It is a kind of magazine website featuring different category of topics including sports, entertainment, society, technology, health and fitness, bazar, life lessons, knowledge, education, vehicle and sex related articles.

2. Business Cambodia

The starting of 2020 was not good due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing impact to the world’s economic difficulties and Cambodia are not excluded. At the same time, in some ways people find this situation very inspiring to start new business. Where as in Business Cambodia website, the content are related to start a new job or finding new way around to get income sources and expanding the product and services in the local market targeting Cambodian people.

The writer usually make a video report as well as featuring in the article helping young Cambodian generation to generate income for their family. There are a lot of great articles explaining how you can start a business in the Kingdom.

3. Popular Magazine

The main topic in this magazine is all about singers and stars where mostly are the Cambodian famous stars at the present. More than this, the world famous people also appear in each volume of publication. Beside that the magazine also discuss about technology, sport and tourism in the country.

4. Sabay News

Sabay is one of the well established company to provide entertainment mainly focusing on technology. The most read category is from the news section. This portal share constant articles about different trending topics both within the local context and international trending topics.

Kanha is another area where discussing about the topics related to women. Kley Kley is the capturing of news headline and share it to the website and its app. The news entertainment is the celebrity world from the Cambodian and pull out from the international news. The rest discuss about the Cambodian society, sports and technology.

5. Koh Santepheap Daily News

Readers are flocking here to read the hot news from across the country including social events, social security, economics news, political, traffic, agriculture, environment and numerous news happening from around the world.

6. Today Sharing News

This is another great website where you can follow up with the latest news. The most read articles are news about famous stars in different areas of art and entertainment. The other two main topics are about Real Estate and Health.

7. KBN News

Many readers come here to find breaking news in various topics. You can always find more articles about tourism sites, entertainment and the background of famous people from around the globe.

8. Khmer 24

It is a great website for benefit for both personal use to search and compare products that you wish to purchase. More than just for personal use, it is good for business and marketing as well where you can use this website to list your product that you want to sell out and make some money out of it.

9. Kampuchea Thmey Daily News

Coming to this point, we can see many news website are ranking on the top. That means a lot of Cambodian people are reading news online nowadays. From the menu bar of the website guides you what you can dig into deeper from the various topics available on this website.

10. Health Website

At least we know people are interested in taking care of their health as the top 10 list here, the topic about health are included. There are so many interesting and helpful articles to make you healthy than ever. Jump to this Health website now can save you a lot of time, money as well as gaining more knowledge in this area.

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