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Knowledge Grabbers on the Street in Phnom Penh

I took few hundred meters walk on the street from my workplace toward the morning restaurant where serving local foods for people who live around Olympic Market in Phnom. It was a little quiet at that time before the rush hours come. It was around 7:00am. I found my seat at the table close to the seller who normally stand there for hours to make soup for her customers until she finish her noodle every morning.

After seating at the table about less than 2 minutes. I gazed around, just right in front of me this middle age man was reading noticeably in all the paragraph trying to understand the context one by one. He didn’t skip even one page. I followed him cautiously. While he was still in the best position of his reading mode, I took a phone camera to capture this nice moment.

Khmer New Reader
Cambodian very passionate news reader near Olympic market, May 2018.

Later, I learned something that actually he is the restaurant owner helping his wife to make a living. But he took time to read news so that he can learn new thing and get the new ideas from the other side which could be helpful for his business, for himself and his family.

A few minutes later after waiting at my table patiently. The noodle soup with chicken that I ordered came ready for me. I didn’t waste any longer time by rushing to prepare the spoon and chop-stick to handle this large bowl. Only less than 15 minutes, I can finish everything including the noodle, chicken and vegetables.

While walking back, there was this young man tuk-tuk driver never wanted to waste his time at the moment he was waiting for his customers. He took out the newspaper that he bought in the morning that he wanted to invest for knowledge. Suddenly, he laid down on this vehicle opening page by page to read the morning news.

Street Reader in Cambodia
A man with blue jean face-up to read the morning news in Phnom Penh

As you can see his legs is up toward the sky. He didn’t care those people walking and going across him. What he just know is to learn as much as he could by taking the advantage while he is on the road.

A quick question for you as my blog readers. What was the last time that you spend time to learn something new and how did you do it?

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