What Kind of Khmer Food to Expect from Oudongk Mountain?

When you think of taking a trip to Oudongk like most Cambodians do every weekend, then you will surely find the local food that you cannot find at the restaurant or anywhere else on the planet.

Most Cambodian people like the gilled types of food ranging from grilled fishes, chicken, frogs and many more. Oundongk is an hour drive from Phnom Penh city where you can find ordinary village food like snails, turtle, crab etc. and you can enjoy it like a local.

Oudongk mountain or known in Khmer as Phnom Oudongk is a former Royal city from the 17th to 19th century, located in Kampong Speu province in the direction to the north of Phnom Penh.

Cambodian people and tourist still consider this place is one of the most interesting tourist sites to visit every weekend. The small store and place to sit is where people come to relax and enjoy the food to escape from busy Phnom Penh city.

Oudongk Temple
Grilled Chicken
Grilled Fishes
Cambodian Snails
Cambodian Chicken Eggs
Deep-Fried Shrimps
Grilled baby frogs
Grilled crabs
Grilled fishes
Grilled frogs
Honey comb
Angkrang – the red ants
Khmer Turtle – Kantheay
Steamed Crabs
អំពិល និងក្រូចសើច – Ampil and Kroach Serch
ជ្រក់មមែង និងជ្រក់សណ្តែកបណ្តុះ – Cambodian Bean Sproud Salad
Cambodian Jujube
ជ្រក់ផ្កាស្នោរ – Pkar Snor Salad
Khmer Bambooshot – ទំពាំង
ស្លឹកស្អំ – Sa-om
ក្រូចសើច – Kroach Serch
ផ្លែមៀន – Longan
ផ្លែម្កាក់ – Mkak
ផ្សារលក់ម្ហូមខ្មែរនៅឧត្តុង្គ – Oudongk food market
Oudongk Market

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