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Professional Live Stream on Social Media for Beginners

In this course, you will learn how to use tools that allow you to do live streaming from your smartphone and from your laptop to Facebook and YouTube mainly. Beginning in 2020, Live Streaming became King of marketing where marketers use to leverage in selling their products and services to targeted markets. You can do it the same in a professional ways, LIVE STREAMING is SUPER EASY!

What you will in this course?

What is Stream Lab (OBS)?

What is the different between SLOBS and OBS Studio?

Downloading SLOBSB and Setting Up

Sources and Scenes


Lower Third Text/Animation

Course Information

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Course Instructor

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1. Introduction

What is Live Streaming with SLOBS?

2. Getting to Know SLOBS

How to Download SLOBS?

How to setup scenes?

How to setup sources?

How to setup audio mixer?

3. SLOB Interface and Settings

Getting to know the interface of SLOBS

Working with Settings

4. Working with Sources

Working with sources

5. Working with TABs

  • LIVE Tab
  • Themes
  • Cloudbot
  • Store

6. Conclusion

  • Who is SLOBS for?
  • Summary

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