Food court

Chiang Mai Night Market 2018

A week in Bangkok was an awesome week and never like before. A well spent time and a fruitful week. We also had some wonderful moment visiting Chiang Mai for few days and we stay at Dusit Hotel and Resort just right in front of the huge night market compound. In the first evening we went out for dinner there and doing some shopping at this market.

Tiger faceThis is the fake tiger face putting on display for tourist to buy. There are many sample of cut faces including the white color one and many other family animal like cats at this store. I don’t know whether you like this one or not but it is pretty much attractive design.


These are colorful handmade products. All of the animal design are so beautiful starting with the Gecko from the first line, follow by a type of fish then start fish, snake and more. Ideally it could be a great gift for kids.


This is Indian type of cushion. I like the way they made it, somehow the price is a bit high compare to the ones that you could find it at the market near you.

Food court

This is a unique place to look for foods. There are variety of food from different shops which is not just one but many. You can choose from the authentic Thai food to other Asian foods and Western can also find here.

Chiang Mai Night Market

This is the entrance gate of the night market in Chiang Mai. There are several entrance gates depending on which direction you come in. More than just trying to figure out which entrance you should get it, just walk in from where you are located close to the gate and enjoy shopping.

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