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Cambodia – How to Order Khmer Voice Over on Fiverr in 2021

What can you do if you need help from a native Cambodian who can help you to record Khmer Voice Over for your project, but you are living outside of the country? Often time, you will find it hard to have a talent person who live nearby or have these specific skills to help you. Whether you need a simple sound recording, speech for VR or other types of professional voice over services, then I wan to introduce you few great talents where you can hire online.

Normally, you can get the job done in a fast turnaround manner because all of these freelancers have their own studio facilities fully equipped to get the best result for you. In order to get the work done faster, you will need to get ready some of the following information:

  • Sending the message to the freelancer that you want to work with by describing about the requirement of your project so that the person can have enough information to process and usually get back to you instantly or within a few hours.
  • During the conversation you can send your project files or scripts that you wish to record to get the feedback from the freelancer with a custom quotation
  • After agreed as in the conversation, you may request with a custom order to the freelancer, then the freelancer can send you the custom offer where you will have the option to accept or reject the offer (in case not as discussed earlier).
  • Once the freelancer then you the custom offer, you can accept it to get started with your recording project.
  • How you can sit back and relax or do your other tasks until the deadline – the expected recording work will be deliver to your message box where you can then download the work to your computer or your device that you are using.

The process is quite simple, isn’t it? But first before you can order the gig below; you will need to

in order to communicate with these pool of experts.

1. Sovannika

She has great talent to record your Khmer voice over project using her Cambodian accent. Reviewing from her portfolio, she can do various type of recording including promotion, audio book, explainer video, training course, radio and TV commercials etc.

The price range is starting from $10 minimum and she can handle larger project with negotiable rage and the length of delivery time. I would recommend her for female talent as she is the top choice on Fiverr for Khmer voice recording.

Beside her skillful in audio recording, she can also translate your documents from English to Khmer and Vise Versa. So this is an all in one service where you can order it from the comfort of your home or your office from anywhere in the world.

Delivery in 2 days, Price starting from $10

2. Pisethz

This is one of the longest freelancer appeared on Fiverr since December 2012 as shown in his profile. The response time is supper quick within 1 hour that means he is very responsive to customer inquiry. He has more than 10 years of working experiences in the TV broadcasting industry, this proof that he can deliver quality project to all his clients and need the need of any angles.

The price is starting from $5 and $10 per gig with the fast turnaround of within 24 hours where you will need to pay an additional fee for this service if needed urgently and it worth it I believe.

He also works with other talents in his network and be able to provide both male and female voices to meet the need in the competitive market today.

Area of competencies include:

– Voice Over Recording including kid, female and male talents

– English to Khmer translation and vise versa

– Website Design and Development as an expert in WordPress and Learning Management System

Moreover, he can also play the traditional Khmer flute if you wish to record a background music in adaption to Khmer culture.

Delivery in 2 days, Price starting from $5 – Quick turnaround service within 24 hours is available!

3. Native Cambodian Voice-over

voiceover narration

Specializing in voiceover narration, eLearning which is the most popular topics in the fast few years and it is going to grow tremendously in this industry in the years to come.

His ideal service include voice recording and translation in Khmer. He provides services including narration, dubbing, impression and video game using his unique tones such as authoritative, calming, corporates, dramatic and energetic.

Delivery in 2 days, Price starting from $10

I hope this article will help you to solve the problem for your Khmer Voice Recording project where you can choose on of the recommended Cambodian voice talents as mentioned in the above. Good luck!

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