7 Things to Know When Visiting Bangkok

A particular time this year, we had a chance to visit Bangkok with our family. It took us 3 months to plan and prepare everything expecting our trip will be wonderful. I am going to share with you our journey as the following:

1- Schedule and Booking 

It could be very headache enough if we do not know what to do which would lead to nothing to plan for... This time we knew that we want to do something and some sightseeing.
So starting in May we were searching to plan to purchase the air tickets for each of our family members and all of them will first time to visit Bangkok.

Thanks we found this airline that sell good price ticket during their discount period. Then we make a reservation in middle of June 2017 for our flight to take place in August 2017. The round ticket cost us around $60+ round trip. This is amazing!

Because the nature of our trip focus mostly on shopping, so we don't bring anything much a long with us. Mostly empty luggage so we can buy stuff back home. We book the hotel at First House Bangkok which is very close to Pratunam market.

2- Local Transportation 

We make it late at night to Sovanna Phum airport around 11 o'clock at night. Before getting a taxi into the city, we purchase a simcard at the airphone arrival gate in the first floor.

At this floor we walk toward a taxi stand to press for the ques number, so we can get on to the taxi. As soon as the ticket came out, we can see the alert sign at the taxi waiting to drive for us. The rate for 7 people including 3 kids were 700 baths.

We use our assistant from Google map to help us spotting our way to the hotel. About half an hour later, we made it to the right corner to turn into the hotel that we are staying. The taxi driver is very friendly and trying to chat with us all the way

Getting taxi here is very easy. You can stand at the corner of the street looking for available taxi or you can use app like "Grabs" to book your taxi for any trips. 

3- Food 

If you worry about food, then do not panic. Here, you will love the food and its people which is within your reach anywhere in the city. I thought at night we might have difficulty for our late dinner but as soon as we arrive the hotel, we saw nearby selling plenty foods. The next day and during our stay we enjoyed street foods as well as the restaurant and food square at the mall. I like the spicy ingredients. Of course, sometime after our tired walking to do shopping at the mall; we just pack some foods back to eat at the hotel.

Just to make sure then we ask the front desk whether we can take something in. The response was awesome,... you can bring food to enjoy in your room but please do not take durian....lolz. Otherwise, will get fine.

4- Shopping

For those of you who like shopping then make it to Bangkok. Do not waste time anywhere else in term of looking for dress, clothing for kids, and for adults. Some little warning note, please be careful with what you buy on the road side and make sure you check so you don't get frustrated later. But mostly those are great items you can pick up.

5- Playground 

Our kids love the playground at the mall at Siam Paragon, so we spend half day there. After enjoying lunch at the location we move on to the next small Big C to enjoy another shopping.

Check the hotel for advice for local tourist attractions and how to get transportation. Usually, the taxi is within your reach on the road or you can use mobile app like Grabs. 

6- Tourist Attractions 

This time, we go to Safari world to enjoy the animals, touring at the zoo and enjoy the show starting in the morning after about 40 minutes on the taxi until 4pm.

The show at this place usually take about 30 minutes ranging from monkey show, bird show, dolphin and more. You can easily get foods and drinks at the location.

7- Currency 

I should mention this early in the post but I didn't understand why I discuss about it the last one. Please take note that this is very important for you to get the exchange ready in your country before coming to Thailand or do it at the airport upon your arrival.

Only Thai bath will be accepted if you spend in cash. You can find some shops and restaurants that accept credit card. Bring your extra US dollars or check the acceptance currencies, so you can get the exchange close to where you stay.