Top 10 Beautiful Photos of Kirirum Resort in Cambodia

In the occasion of the national women's day, I had a chance to visit Pich Nil mountain where then I stay one night at V-Kirirum tent house. On a trip like this, we do not just want to experience the location but we also want to enjoy as much as we could.

After few years, this place has developed tremendously. On the way, I capture some photos until at the resort. Check it out as below.

Fresh Cambodian Farm Fruits

The bus stop for us close to the spirit house on our way to vKirirum. The whether in March started getting hot here, so we don't enjoy it much. But thanks to the lady who sell these fruits where we can enjoy and cool down our feeling.

Transportation - Man on his bike

Motorbike is very common in Cambodia. People use it to transport goods from place to place. This countryside man was using his motor to carry two big sacks on the new constructed road.

Yeay Mao - Strong Hold Spirit

Majority of Cambodian people having faith in the spirit of different things. This is one of the statue where people stop by and offer their offering of usually foods, fruits and burning the incense to dedicate it to yeah mao (the back grandma).

Reflection of Bus's Mirror

Left hand reflection against the yellow bus's mirror while stopping by the road side to allow people to run down to find the restroom nearby.

Cambodian Mango

Cambodian is well known for its fresh fruits in all season through out the year. There are plenty different type of mango starting in the early year through mid year. The yellow fruit is very tasty.

Cambodian Plastic School House

This is the only one plastic house where accommodate children in the area to offer education to them. In most part of the country usually lack of school and qualified teachers. But thanks to these wonderful volunteer who help to make it possible through these amazing plastic school house.

Antique Motorcycle 

This is old!!! Yes, very very old. In most part of the world, maybe they keep it at the museum to benefit from its value. But the condition of this motorbike is still usable here in Kirirum resort.

Empty Soup Bowl

The empty soup bowl gave me some not good impression as when I walk down toward the waterfall, but what I saw first before the waterfall was this one. It's kind of sad and I know it will not look good for other tourists as well.

Yellow Cambodian Flower

Oh yeah, the flower were planted in a pot very behind the cottage very close to the stream to welcome visitors by standing very firm there.

Cambodian Kitchen

This is the typical Khmer kitchen in the countryside. The pan and rice cooker as well as other stuff look really black. It is to cook food for the family and maybe for visitors as well.

Broken Light

I believe the gaslighter here is dead. I saw there were no gas inside and losing its cover already. I saw it while I was walking to tour the beauty of the nature near by the tent house at v-Kirirum.

Typical Wooden House

There were so many old motorcycles which is still working good and the villager here us it for daily transportation on the mountain and sometime take it to buy stuff at the market at the edge of the mount.

Plantation at the resort

This kind of plantation is found everywhere at this resort and mostly they attached to the other tree living there the rest of their life.