Best Flavour of Cambodian Crunchy Crickets

Cambodian eat crickets here in Cambodia! That is a surprise statement to most local people too. We never cook it for foods as today. I do not know why people do that and not sure from where and when they do this. From what I know in the last several years we have seen people deep fried them and sell it on the street.


The picture was taken during my trip to Kampong Thom province early in May 2017. I cannot believe my eyes when seeing it. They looks weird to me and I don't like the smell as well.

You can find them on the national road no.6 on the way to Siem Reap province. The place known as skoin. A popular tourist and local passengers stop for foods.

How to Eat Crickets? 

I didn't try it by myself while I was there. However, I check with the seller and people who eat them and they say, "well, it is just grasp them and put them all in your mouth and chew it." After listening, I still couldn't imagine it.

I won't eat them and never in the future, anyway. You can pass it to someone you know who want to taste them badly. ;)