Best 5 Must Read Books About Cambodia - Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to our new video today. We're going to discuss about the top five best books for you to read about Cambodia today. This is based on my personal and public opinion. In the list will point out the value, useful content/information specifically for the readers. 

There are many things you will discover about Cambodia including the daily lifestyle, the situation and many more things you can find out prior visiting the country which is listed in the description below. Getting to know the people and the tourist attraction in Cambodia is no longer difficulty where you can just subscribe to the channel or leave your comment or question below. 

And why you should wait! Ok, so let's start at number 5 we have 

Angkor: Cambodia's Wondrous Khmer Temples
This is one of the best travel guide book for people who really wish to go deeper about the culture of this nation and its people especially the value temple of Angkor Wat one of the wonder of the world. Yes, it is a thick and heavy book to dive into the culture and history. It is even much more useful when you spend time in Siem Reap, the book will guide you through almost everything when, where and what to do. So much information that the author trying to offer ranging from restaurant, hotel both in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh the capital city of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Grab this book, so you won't miss any places when you are here. 

Want the amazing guide, this book will help you to get to understand the country very quick and with step by step tour guide with information about the temple excellent for solo traveler or someone who do not wish to spend more money for tourguide. Yes, that's everything you need to know about Angkor Wat! 

Move on to number 4

This book became very popular since after Angelina Jolie turn the story written in here into a great movie in 2016 - First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers. It is very important that you will have to read the narrative to understand why and how did it happen. 

The darkest time has been over for more than 40 years, the story of a little girl of 5 years old name Leoung Ung. It is a corner of memory, a horror to reflect the history of the society in those times. It's a fearful experience for a child who speak the historic fact. Imagine this 5 years old girl later became the great author to reveal the truth that happen at that time as she knew nothing about conflict or war at this age. Just suddenly the happy moment was over yet filled with sadness to horror without any warning sign to create the nervous in brain and couldn't understand it. Yeah, this was what could happen in one part of the world. 

The next one to read with number 3 in the list. 

Cambodia - Culture Smart! The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

The book is one of the easy to read and the guidebook that you will enjoy the most. It speaks greatly about the business culture of the country. Understanding one's nation culture and their tradition is how you could connect very well for either short time visit or long time investment in the country with its people. The brief history describing the glory day and the fallen of the Angkor empire was mentioned. Particularly it is good for those who plan to move to Cambodia living and working here. Most people could benefit from it with the tip written to help you for survival in another culture. 

This book is very informative where you will be able to touch in different aspect about the country. Of course, great read prior traveling to Cambodia! 

Close to the top of the list with number 2

In the Shadow of the Banyan: A Novel

It is a novel book, a heart-breaking story of a royal family. The writer has a very gifted to illustrate it simple way, so readers can learn about the context very easily. Something that you could not imagine, something that you could learn. The hardship that you couldn't understand. The discussion explains great value of the rich and the lower class. Life condition and struggling yet moving toward successful in wisdom!

Above all is number 1 - speak for both local and expats!

Move to Cambodia: A guide to living and working in the Kingdom of Wonder contain so much information which is very useful for daily routine, and you will know exactly what to do with the guidance as written in the book connecting from one chapter to another. It is a recommended book for everyone who already settle in Cambodia and for those who are new as well. 

There are a lot of information contain in this book. The author is just very smart giving a brief introduction about the country which is good enough to understand the culture, tradition and the people of this country. Then give excellent suggestion for further reading into different topics. There are plenty of useful resources that one won't miss it at all. 

It breaks everything from the least one to the most needed and rare one. Even health care, insurance and what to do or what to invest in term of business in Cambodia! Eating, traveling and entertainment is definitely you want to know in basic term. 

Last, I hope you will enjoy the list and benefit from it. You can just check out from the link below to the 5 books as I mentioned here! Just let me know if you want to know thing else by giving your comment below. Do not forget to subscribe! Have a great day my friend!