20 Best Photos of Phnom Penh City on Cambodia Boat Racing (Water Festival) of 2008

Boat racing is a big time when people from everywhere across the country and from every walk of life coming to the city at the same time. The main purpose is to enjoy the crowd, the promotion of the product and especially seeing the racing boat during the day.

I got some great memory from the last experience that I came to see the boat racing or known as water festival in Cambodia back in 2008. Here is some highlight photos.

1- The Light Up of Ministry of Commerce 

Ministry of Commerce this year had very attractive decoration which draw million of people eyes and everyone of them want to take photo of this boat. The connection is traveling to different country surrounded the map of Cambodia as in the picture and the national flag of the Kingdom is at the tail of the dragon.

2- Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fishing

With such a beautiful light of the ministry logo with 3 national flag on each side.

3- Ministry of Land Management

The golden color and the reflection in the water create awesome vignette around it.

4- National Bank of Cambodia

Showing the treasure and the development of the Kingdom of Cambodia through the defined by its decoration.

5- Phnom Penh City

Look like there are plenty of rice in the middle of the boat. The two dragon get their tails together while looking forward to the different direction.

6- Water Festival Greeting!

The white written text hanging across the street is the welcoming sign to all the visitor who visited this beautiful event in 2008.

7- Visitors Walk

On the road people can only walk, no vehicles allow which make it green and wonderful moment to enjoy Phnom Penh city.

8- Foreigner Guests

At each year festival not just the local people who want to come and see the boat racing but also attract thousands of foreigners to this cheerful event.

9- Security Guards

Police and security guard were scatter in different location during this time to help make way and help to ease traffic. Thanks to our hard working police offers!

10- Traditional Offering

During the big festival like this also have people to interest to offer the offering that's why this man sell these stuffs. The little banana tree with some kinds of made combination of what people believe to offer.

11- Tour the Surrounding

This is the best time of the year that million of people can walk together as citizen of the country.

12- River Front

To be honest it is very difficult to see the boat racing during this time, but people just like to walk together and moving toward the riverside area.

13- Small Business

While passing by you'd see variety of small business setup to serve the need of hungriness that people would meet in those time.

14- Sugarcane

The little young girl in red t-shirt was selling the sugarcane to tourist who visit the water festival day in front of Naga World resort.

15- Spiders & Crickets

Actually there are many types of insect or bugs that people eat like grasshopper, cricket, snake, snail, tarantula and more. The mango make everything look green, love it!

16- Product Promotion

Each year this is the big time for product promotion selling to estimate 2 to 3 million people to come to see the boat racing.

17-River Space for Racing

By the river bank where people can stand and see the boat. There are hundred of boats and the athletic on the surface of the water.

18- Beautiful Cambodian Flags

If you love taking photo then this is the time for you to come and you can get endless awesome photos.

19- What to do with hot weather?

Well if you know what i'm saying, here is the little hat that can protect you from getting sick.

20- Cooking for Fun

During the boat racing or water festival could be very boring days because of the crowded street and you don't want to get stuck on the road. So either trying to have some fun activities at home or arrange for a cooking class somewhere in the hotel or restaurants or could be just food day!