Love Letter Translation or Voice Over from English to Khmer

Just in case you want to practice your language before your next appointment, here I can help you to build up your Cambodian language skills. Of course, you are the best in this area so adding more talent into this is all about the local tongue.

Translation: I assumed you already have words to say or word list that you want to practice. So just send it to me and I can help you to get it done from either English to Khmer or Khmer to English. Sure enough if you aren't still sure about reading it then I can make it to a Romanization (Latin) where everybody can read.

Voice Over: This is going to be special part which will help you to get start saying the correct words and pronunciation. Leave us all what you want... Just sit down and relax the voice will be ready before you next appointment. Let me record it for you.

Thank you for choosing me as your translator and voice over talent!

Have a great day!