Top 9 Beautiful Camping Site Photos of Highlands Bible College (Rowling Center) Between Phnom Penh & Sihanoukville Province

Today, I am going to introduce you a beautiful camping site where usually Christian groups and organization like to bring people here for retreat or refreshing.

The location is located just a bit further from Pich Nil and it is known as elephant mountain. The former name was "Rowling Center" which later change the name to Highlands Bible College until today.

My recent visit joining a conference at this place and I had the opportunity to capture beautiful picture to show all of you. I hope you find it interesting and make a visit or contact them to organize your next Camping with your team.

Highlands Bible College (Rowling Center) 

This picture taken during the dry season in April, so it doesn't look so green. But as you can see, it just looks great surrounded by the mountain to make you fall in love after witnessing by your own eyes.

Unique type of Tree Grown in these huge garden 

It is a kind of palm tree which stand strong in every weather situation. At this dry season the tree still smile with its green leafs.

Mountain Reflection in Water 

The photo taken from the middle of the small bridge to pass through between the dormitory and the conference hall. In the early morning and evening before sunset, the reflection bring more beauty to this unique location.

Mountain at the Back 

Opposite the above, you could see the mountain range laid behind the school campus. A long this small river water flow to make the reflection look great by the tree and sleepy nature at the back.

Walking Way by the Fence 

If you have time before or after the seminar or workshop program, you can tour the location inside the school campus where you only can find it at Highlands Bible college.

Tips: Get up early so you can experience the sunrise and spend evening to enjoy the sunset.

Building vs Nature when the sun goes down 

Many people missed this golden hour. Since you knew it, so make it possible the next visit to gaze your eyes around by coming to his pond to stand behind this building.

Angry Sky 

The whether in the dry season didn't seem to be nice exposing the very strong sunlight and hot even before the sun went sleep.

Nightscape of Rowling 

Before going to bed in the dormitory house, sometime you could see great sky in the night surrounded by a very quiet moment where you only can hear insects calling out for one another.

Sound System at the Conference Hall 

The controller of a sound system is located at the back in the middle of everything, so a person can pay full attention to the speaker on the stage and take control of everything.