Top 10 Best Photo Visiting Rabbit Island, Kep Province

Kep is one of a great tourist destination in Cambodia where people like to spend time and make a repeat visiting from time to time. It is a wonderful place for those who want to escape in whatever purpose at this beautiful beach of the country where one side surrounded by the mountain side and the other side covered by the sea.

A long the beach in Kep, you can just seat down with friends and family to breath fresh air from the sea. You can order fresh seafood, to mention crab and shrimp from Kep is the best.

Other than just having fund at the beach and swimming you can also visit the Rabbit island which can take you between 20 minutes by boat. You can find it at the tourist port by the touring location and cost you $20 per boat where you can hob in up to 8 people.

Check out some of the photo that I had taken during my visit in March 2016 below.

1- Young Man was playing football on the beach 

2- Drinking Fresh Cambodian Coconut Juice at the beach

3- Sunset in Kep

4- Rock Royal Hotel in Kep

5- Yummy leaf snack called Num Sleuk

6- Tourist Port to take boat to Rabbit Island

7- Khmer Tourist Boat can load more than 10 people but limited 8 people per boat for $20 return from rabbit island

8- Relaxing tourist site at rabbit island

9- Beautiful landscape of Kep island

10-  Boat ready to take tourist back to Kep beach

Tip for visiting this location:
  • Make your first day arrival before lunch so you can enjoy nice sand beach in Kep 
  • Relaxing at the beach until late before going back to the guesthouse or your hotel 
  • Visit Rabbit island the next morning until late noon. Here you have option to stay overnight at the island there are houses there which is fun with group.