Impact Hub Phnom Penh Review

It was my first time attempted to visit Impact Hub Phnom Penh for a very useful topic in doing fund raising, "Happy Hour: How to create a successful crowdfunding campaign By: Impact Hub Phnom Penh" held on 21st March 2016, at 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

I registered for the event in the last minute as the ticket was still available and right away after that I got the confirmation in my mailbox from eventbrite.

I saw few events in the past with very interesting topics somehow there were no chances at all as I had to catch up with my important tasks. Just this time which I made it and I couldn't wait to hear from the speaker.

Journey Start! 

After work around 5:30pm, I left from a place nearby Olympic market heading to attend the workshop. I finally made it to the location as spot in the map.

As shown in the picture, the spot is on street 17 which is exactly what I have seen on the map. While I was there, I look around searching for Impact Hub Phnom Penh. Unfortunately, I made it to the wrong place. Then, I started thinking what did I do... is the map is correct?

Quickly, I started browsing the internet on my smartphone to search for location again and the map tell exactly where I was at that point. I couldn't believe it, so I tried to find the address...oh gosh, it is not on street 17. It should be house #17 and street 306 between st. 51 and Norodom blvd.

I didn't wait any longer because it was already 5:50pm and the workshop start at 6:30pm, so I had to rush on my motorbike.

At Impact Hub Phnom Penh

Yeah, finally I made it. Yes, I mad it. But it was quiet in front of the location. I only see some motorbike and three men (1 young man and 2 middle age between 50 years old).

I asked, is this Impact Hub Phnom Penh?
An old man didn't answer my question and he just looked at me.
I throw him another question, is there anyone taking care of the bike here? I was trying to look for someone to take care of my bike.
The man said, "No, no one here taking care of your bikes." The guard already left at 6:00pm. There was no one appointed anyone to look after this place, the man added. At this time it was about 6:13pm I looked at my watch.

Then I look around checking while sitting on my motorbike expecting someone to come and take care of my belonging. I went on and on for about 10 to 15 minutes, then there were several foreigners came a lady with her bike and men with motorbike parked and then just went up through that small entry with logo Impact Hub Phnom Penh.

It seems like nobody care about leaving their bikes without card and without ticket... hah, they were so brave.

By this time, I heard an old man whispering to a young man...but I couldn't hear quite clear...something like..., "it's such a difficult when he ask for someone to take care of motorbike..." maybe he mentioned about me as I was there for around 15 minutes already.

Oh man, It was so annoying and shameful while waiting on the bike for almost 20 minutes but no one there when I told everyone that I come for a workshop. It was my first time without good experience at all. So I just made a final decision leaving the place after I was trying to ask for phone number to contact the office and searching Impact Hub PP's website but there is no contact at all except to email. But I didn't want to email them. Maybe I should try next time again. It was a just a bad dreaming for me today this evening.

How to Contact? 

I guess they should have phone to contact to make it easy for first time visitor like me and without someone guard my belonging I couldn't make it in as well. I didn't want to loose my bike just because entering a $5 workshop.

Thank you, but please organize the crowdfunding workshop again by providing clear contact information so I can call. ;)