I Can Translate English to Khmer with My Translation Services up to 7000 Words in 24 Hours

Translation has been becoming part of my best friends for more than 10 years. Thinking backward in 1999 when I first started to accept my freelancer job was such a hard decision.

What make me more hesitation was the limitation of my language understanding as It was my elementary stage to practice my foreign language. Suddenly, I got an offered by a my foreigner friends to translate a few pages of his assignment. Since then I took it seriously by improving my skills day-to-day until today.

With years of real practical, I did hundred documents and project from various clients all over the world in different subject matters. I am proud to be able to help fixing small problem for my clients and able to bring them smiles. I get more encouragement when I receive receive positive feedback always from my clients which make me work harder and focus on accuracy and cultural sensitive to all my works.

Timing is quite challenging at first when I accept the job in my journey as a translator fixing language issues. But thanks to all experiences that I faced helping to build me up where I can handle larger pile of documents and be able to kill for words per day.

Many times, I had to deal with 4000 to 5000 words per day. Sometime, 6000 words to deliver within 24 hours, rarely happened anyway.

Why speed matter?

The reason that I mentioned about my translation speed is just to share my success story which I had to finish the urgent work for my clients early this year.

In January 2016 was a year of blessing with work leading to some good amount of money which I had to kill almost 8000 words in 24 hours. Oh yeah, I had to work in about 10 hours to get it done.

Before I accept the job, I was trying to negotiate with my client, somehow, I was offered compensation to do so. After all then I knew my speed that I can handle up to 7000 to 8000 words per day.

So what subject can I fix for my customers? 

It sounds like tough, but actually I can answer straight away that I accept all kind of document in any topics. There is no easy or difficult for me. My heart is here to solve language problem for you immediately.

What is your rate? 

I am very please to set the flat rate for all kind of document under my manual translation service with only $5 per 300 words. You can reach me at www.fiverr.com/pisethz

I can't wait to complete your next translation project. Should you have any question, just drop me a massage through the above link. I am more than happy to help you.