Top 10 Best Coffee Shop in Cambodia

Just Café is not understandable in Khmer language that's why I mention Coffee Shop instead. I never like drinking coffee so much as I have resistant with it when taking even just a bit. Usually it makes my muscle shaking, so I had no choice beside not taking it for quiet many years.

Until 2015, I tried it again. This time I had good feeling with it, so I start tasting different flavors from the shop everywhere I found in the city. The following are my up to date recommendation to you.

1- Brown Coffee 

The website of brown coffee
Simply the awesome one that I like to come by as the flavor is just unique for me and many locals. More than just that the shop also serve bakery menu as well.

2- Royal Cafe 

This is a local brand coffee yet very famous getting support from the local people among the teenager, student and employee who are in the age group. The location is very easy to find located on the main road Russian Blvd in front of Royal University of Phnom Penh. I was wondering the university name is the influence in naming the shop.

3- T & C 

T & C FB
The abbreviation also could be the great name for the shop just like this one. If I understand correctly, it should represent Tea and Coffee but there maybe some other meanings. It's a very nice place to come for food and of course coffee from this place.  

4- Xotique Coffee & Bakery

website of the shop
The setup of the shop is very cool to make you feel relax and want to spend time coming back again. It's always come into my choice whenever I want to drink coffee.

5- Costa Coffee 

Costa for coffee lover

The number one coffee from the UK is here in Cambodia, so you can enjoy. I came here several time to taste not just the drink but other menu for lunch there as well.

6- Team Coffee 

A place to enjoy breakfast and coffee. It is located on Hanoi road in Phnom Penh which is a bit far but still in town in Phnom Penh Thmey area where many people are moving to live there at the moment. I find this restaurant is a good place for meeting as well.

7- Park Café

There are many branches in town which is easy to find from your location. The one that I like to come by is near Sovana shopping mall. 

8- Star Buck 

Finally the real coffee brand arrived Cambodia! I just taste once on the occasion that I flew outside Cambodia as their outlet at the moment available only from inside Phnom Penh International Airport.

9- Café Yejj

Menu of the shop

The business setup for many years serving its original taste to the local and expats community in Cambodia. There are more menu included such as western, Italian & Mediterranean cuisine.

10- Gloria Jean's Coffees

Visit website

Looking for a brand, here is another coffee that you want to try here in Phnom Penh.

Actually, there are more places that I had been tasting however I only list these at the moment and will of course share more it my update posts.