9 Responsive Layout Adsense Wordpress Theme in 2016

First of all, I wish you all the best to start your online business in 2016. Make sure you treat it seriously and TAKING ACTION! It is the most powerful key to success through doing it regularly. 99% of the people out there including myself get lost easy and of course want to give-up super fast.

Once again, when you commit to make a passive income online, you want to do it the right way at the beginning. Chance of failure is very little when you get the right mindset, the right tool to start with. Here I am going to introduce you 9 skins, the wordpress theme where you can hardly find somewhere else.

What I like to share according to my experience using it since 2015 are:
  • Responsive layout design which works in all devices - Yeah, I like it the most and I don't have to worry whether my website technical since user will surely feel good with it. 
  • Plenty of fonts to choose from which use google fonts library, so you select the most suitable one for your style. 
  • Optimized for search engine ready - talking about profit of course, you need SEO design for your website to drive organic traffic as you know visitors who come from the search respond more to increase the revenue. 
  • More option inside, but the last one which I can excitedly express is about Ad management. It gives you flexibility to manage your ads at no time. 
Here you go...Let's check it out!

1- Viral Blog 

Live Demo

The focus of this template is design for visitor at first glance. Everything is like 99% ready, so what you need to do is to add the article into your website. I like this type of thing when talking to making passive income from website.


Live Demo

This is a very beautiful wordpress theme with clean design to attract both visitors and search engine to booth for traffic especially with focusing on social media sharing tools.

3- Pingraphy 

Live Demo

Look for pinterest style layout, here is the one for you. So you can enjoy sharing your passionate content to the world targeting your variety of niche markets.

4- Personal 

Live Demo

Speaking from within my heart, I love this one so much since it is very appealing to me. Normally, I like writing anything from my own review of thing happening around me. More than just sharing this template help me to get connect to the outside world.

5- WimplePro

Live Demo

This template is very simple which doesn't involve much graphic at all. The overall is just so clean that what I could describe it. To be honest, I used this skin since the developer released it in the first stage with free version. If you like something less ad but focusing on traffic from the search engine, it is the most recommended one from my point of view. It works best for adsense and amazon together!

6- SuperAds 

Live Demo

This is a heavy ads template of course for the blog that contain simple article to crucial content. Users can see ads everywhere, but it gives you the option to place on the location that you preferred to best fit with your website.

7- Tagazine 

Live Demo

This is a professional wordpress them for a magazine like where you can choice to add different flavor of the content in whatever area. If you need a template that fit to variety needs of the hot trend in the world market today then consider using this one.

8- Wiral

Live Demo

This is a clever wordpress template out there to help you maximizing your profit. Getting connected with the target audience is a key to success in doing online business and it also apply to all sort of project.

9- BizCorp 

Live Demo

I recommend this blog to my colleague at work using this template for non-profit even though it designs to fit business oriented. Wow, the result come out so great with few customization from the themecountry team. The support team is just awesome!