Top 5 best 3D Drawing Pens

What awesome stuff that I just found out today. Actually, it is not new at all. Somehow, I just learned about it and they really exist in this world which I have to admit I am a bit late in following up with technology.

I just said in my heart, wow! How could they do such a thing drawing the 3D picture using just a pen? The question just popup in my head which I couldn't stop myself to study more about these item. I thought you could benefit this like me too as I am not an artist but I love thing like this.

So, you want to draw a 3D image with just pen? Yes, this is electronic kind of tool where you have to plug the pen into the electricity and using the assisting substance to create the image. Yeah, sounds cool - isn't it?

Let's now looking at these top 5 after I did full research of 3 hours.

1- Crenova Doodler Pen 
This is a fantastic tool which can perform magic work for an outstanding result for you. Less work but great outcome that I like the most. You can add the material, the color and adjust the temperature to fit your work. Check details & price here.

2- Samto 3D Pen 

This is dam cool that you can get it for friends as a surprise gift. It works event for those who do not draw. With support from the pen, the drawer can create amazing work. Check details & price here.

3- YaYa3D

If the 3D printer is more expensive and you don't ever need it much then get a simple version working with this powerful magic pen instead. The crazy result will create a fantastic feeling for you. Check details & price!

4- 3Doodler

Whether the person has experience or without any experience, but this pen can help to fulfill the ultimate purpose. It's easy to get the stack of color line for using with this magical pen to draw anything you may have in mind.  I choose this one for my 5 years old daughter as it is easy to hold especially for a young kid. Check details & price!

5- Scribbler

Kids absolutely love this pen! The body look so cute with popup and hole make it event more interesting. Feel it so you can tell. Check details & price!