Top 5 Carbon Fiber Bikes of 2015

So you want good material made bike for your next sport bike? I just bought one among the top 5 that I am going to list it as below. Mine is at the bottom one, however you don't have to choose like me.

Just warn you won't follow the advertising or promotion so much as they are sometime over do it which tend to make it fall in love easily than usual. 

Here is the best 5 you want to look at it now: 

5- GMC Denali Road Bike

This bike has the right frame to suit you tall. What you need to do is just make sure to choose the correct one for yourself. It is the comfortable size where people can select from its range. 

 mgm road bike

4- 2015 Kestrel Talon

This is a strong build bike for people who like to ride in all occasion. I got a personal thought from a friend of mine who involve a lot of riding contest and he speaks very positive of it. Yeah, that is a good sign to go with this one I think.

3- BEIOU Carbon fiber Mountain Bike 

The bike doesn't just look strong from the outside of course it designs for quality. As for me I don't want to get in trouble after using few months of using something. It kind of much prefer going for premium product rather than cheaper one and later fix problems.

2- 2012 Kestrel Tri Shimano

This is the best color in many ways. It remind me something about what my daughter said to me, "Daddy, please buy every thing blue or light blue for me." With this she is fall in love the blue type of stuff with well thought competing with her friends. I just wish when she grow up I can get this bike for her in another 15 years lolz.

1- Kestrel LEGEND 

First look what have you notice? Of course the color in black. Men love it? The answer would be yes of course 99% of men will want to own a black type of electronic equipment or sport product.

 Remember that these are just one collection and you may find more review of the quality build product in my next post and with other technical experts.