Shopping Amazon Products to Cambodia in 2015

You might already heard about my experienced shopping a photography book from Amazon in the US to Cambodia.

The waiting is about a month to get the physical product ship to your address in Phnom Penh. Once again, this time I order 2 drawing books for my 4 years old girl who start to express her talent in sketching different shapes on the paper.

The reason that I do this is just to give my support as what I can do to help her expanding her drawing skills adding to her imagination.

I placed the order on 3rd June 2015 and after that Amazon gave me the estimate date of arrival around 30th June to 20th July as below. 

Book items in the shopping cart.
Shipping to my address in Phnom Penh

Estimate date of arrival. 

Hey guys, just a little update!!! I got the book on  3rd July 2015 exactly 1 month which is within the predict period by Amazon. Cool!