[Resolved] How to Uninstall (Remove) Swift Record Ads on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer

Surfing the internet nowadays could be very headache sometime when these type of unwanted program installed itself on our computer and plugin to the browser without asking our permission.

The purpose of these program or extension could be a virus or malware or ads unwanted extension to display advertising or using the search function to manipulate with products advertising.

So how can we get rid of it since we already know it is something annoying us?

Uninstall Swift Record from Computer 

Go to control panel >> choose "Programs and Features" from the list look for "Swift Record" then right click  "uninstall" it and follow the instruction to complete.

Please close all the browser during the process of uninstall in order to allow the program to take away all the extension away.

Also make sure you remove the Add-ons of Swift Record from Firefox and Internet Explorer and the Extension from Chrome so they won't disturb you when you are surfing the internet.

Note: Be sure not to install any program that you don't know or downloaded from the internet because it always come with malware or unwanted program that could harm your computer.