Angkor Sangkran 2015 Celebrate Khmer New Year - Meaning by 100 Khmer Youths

What a great celebration which will happen again for Khmer New Year 2015 with Angkor Sangkran. I hope it will attract million of people to come visit this amazing place during the holiday. As reported by the local news recently, there will be such a big an-sorm weight up to 3.2T presenting in this year.

Meaning of the program by 100 youths 
I am proud to give my full support to have such event. For long run, Cambodia will gain popularity year by years and many people will come to capture the image of Angkor Wat and during the event to share with their friends and families. That is the benefit for all of us.

Can you try to read through all the message given by the youth? Some are very small which I cannot read but you may. Please feel free to share to friends on facebook and comment.

Credit from FB: Vanthana San