How to Fix "The Directory Name is Invalid" & Verify the Item's Location and Try Again on Windows 7

This is another error on my computer after coming back to work today. The message that I got was after I render the video on Camtasia to the folder on desktop. After completing the video present on the existing location as normal which I expected it to work fine.
The directory name is invalid on Windows 7
Actually the video was rendering correctly and working very smooth. What I did was to copy the source file to another location on drive D: and I hit the play button. As a result it work correctly. However, I have to solve another problem trying to delete the folder on desktop at this time.
Verify the item's location and try again.
I was wondering what was happening to my computer or maybe the hard disk my broken, but this is new computer system that I just bought. So I check around to find the solution to this issue.

I have to hit F5 to refresh all the folder and files on desktop. At this point, I tried to delete the folder that contain the file again and the file was gone except the folder is still there.Use the command prompt to empty it.

Final option solution - if all the above didn't work for you then you need a software assistant to remove the empty directory (AKA RED). This is a freeeware tool that can delete batch directories.