Top 5 Most Subscribed Magazines in 2015

Creating habit for reading is good for your brain. It is also a good way to learn new thing and apply to your daily life at the same time. According to the recent published article saying that one of the thing that the rich people would do is the spend at least 30 minutes in reading.

Any kind of reading will benefit you in different ways. Today, I am going to share with you top 5 magazines that people read from them the most world wide.

1 | National Geographic

This is a very useful magazine to read which will take you to understand the various location from around the globe.

2 | TIME

This is the most reading magazine by people from around the world containing the most useful articles and current situation that happen in the society.

3 | Entertainment Weekly

This is the famous magazine to bring all the new thing to you as a food for reading every week. You won't get bored but get refresh.

4 | TV Guide

This is an easy to follow information publish on the magazine for you to jump right on to the program that you like on your TV screen.

5 | EatingWell

Health issues became a great concern for every individual person these day. We all want to get the right food for our physical body and this is the magazine to guide you what to eat to maintain you and keep you in shape.
These five magazines not just entertain you and give you knowledge but it will take you to travel around the world and keep you healthy with the recommended foods.