Top 5 Best Lady Handbags for Wedding Anniversary Gift in 2015

On the 20th February will be a special day of our 5th wedding anniversary. Time fly so fast for just a while and now our face look pretty older than the last several years. But thanks to all these experience that we can endure in our love and keep our promise for both of us.

This year again, I want to make it another special year to treat my queen with something different from last year. I am thinking of choosing this beautiful handbag that I carefully select it for her. Let me list down so you can give some thoughts into it as well. Oh, by the way wait! I forgot to mention my wife would prefer to go with these color such as white, brown, silver or black.

1 | Cedar Street Hayden Top Handle Bag

This lady handbag is very special for everyone who love to carry something along with and could fit into big or small occasion like party or so. My first intend is to keep this in mind when purchasing one for her and of course the color of the bag is very nice suitable for the thing that she likes.

2 | ZAC Zac Posen Eartha Envelope Cross Body Bag

This bag design with simple style easy to use where you can open and close it like an envelop. With the top handling to make it even better to carry it.

3 | Fossil Emerson Straw Bag 

I am so impressed to see the classic design of this beautiful bag that they call it fossil like just discovered it from million years ago. The material that they use to make it won't loose its color easily and it looks new all the time.

4 | Kate Spade Chelsea Square Hayden Bag 
This is a product for a strong personal style and it has two colors with carrying string on it. A bag born of good quality leather with guarantee zipper that you won't loose stuffs in it. It is another ideal handbag that I am thinking of buying it in this year.

 5 | Rebecca Minkoff Large Moto Satchel Tote

Last of all but the competition to super. I don't want to make the wrong choice and probably this is the best one so far. Of course, she like black or white most so I won't make a random choice but I just want to make comparison before I buy it tonight so the delivery will come on time.
I'm sure one of them will be a good choice that I will choose for my wife during our 5th wedding anniversary this year.