Top 5 Best Movies to Watch in 2015

What a wonderful day to keep a note of what is going to happen for my best movie to watch in a couple months from now and yeah for sure it will be great for 2015. Everything seems to flow very smooth, so my plan is to keep up with the following 5 movies that found to be very attractive after reviewing its trailer.

I want to watch something that could make a super surprise feeling and of course seem to exist in this world long time ago. I will start with the movie that shock the world and people who see the trailer.

1 | Jurassic World

This is the amazing movie animation combined of the lost world which I call it because there is no such time anymore. The producer is so brilliant to come up with this idea to make the whole world understand about the dinosaur life and make it possible for entertainment for today. I can't wait to see it in June this year.

2 | Cinderella

The classic style movie that talk about a life a princes became so popular until today. The latest story of its line will release in March 2015. The best movie for girls. My wife and my daughter really love it and they won't miss it even one time.

3 | Fifty Shades of Grey 

This is the famous movie out there that people watch the most even the book written in this topic also sell well. The story could be true in some part of life and also a made up to make people fall in love. The latest story that will come out soon is all about a life of a rich person that many people wish to experience.

4 | Avengers: Age of Ultron

I know this is the series of movie that make a lot of money and again the Avengers of 2015 a must watch movie of the year. I also want to find out what is the plan to stop the terrible thing that could happen and ruin this world.

5 | Star War 2015 

The next Star War movie will be episode VII where I can't wait to see it. We all know that the story is not true somehow according to the science or research but what make us want to watch it because of the movie is great and well made to make us believe that there were such thing exist or that will be happening in the future.
 Star War 7
These are the 5 must watch movies that I am going to see it for sure. Of course, there are more than just the listing and I will share it with my next post.