My Experience of Ordering Amazon Book Shipping to Cambodia in 2014

Hey guys, I hope you all have a great day today. I am so excited to share with you an a cool thing that I just did this morning. You know what, I was wondering to how to order item from Amazon to Cambodia and most of the product that I searched through in this website are not available for shipping to Phnom Penh. Of course, it means no shipping to the Kingdom of Cambodia.

It is a sad news for us who can access to internet but cannot order certain products to use that we cannot find it here in Cambodia.

However, I didn't give up so I sign in with my account which I created with Amazon a couple of years ago. Now, I am trying to look for the items that can deliver to my house in Phnom Penh. I am sure it should it said there are products to ship for international clients.

Yeah, finally I found the category that I like in "Books" and I order the paperback which means the print copy of a book of "2015 Photographer's Market". Here is the proof of my order.

 This book cost me $25.05 + shipping/ handling cost $9.98, so it made the total cost before tax to $35.03. For this first option I choose to go with Standard International Shipping with no tracking and it could take up to 18-32 days in order to get the item arrive at my hand. It is very frustrated though to wait that long.

The 2nd option if I go with Expedited International Shipping with no tracking it will cost me more up to $45.03 ($25.05 for the book + $19.98 for shipping). The delivery schedule should be between 8-16 days. Ha ha, I didn't go with this one and prefer to wait and get the frustration lolz.

The 3rd option which is the last one, the client can choose to go with "Priority International Currier which the average delivery date is between 2 - 4 days. But look at the charge here the total cost will be $61.03 (Book $25.05 + Currier $35.98).

As mention above, my decision for delivery is to go with standard international shipping, so I should get my book to read between November 17, 2014 to December 8, 2014.

I knew some people here also get item ordered from Amazon to Phnom Penh or some part of Cambodia but I cannot find their review about their experience and I cannot say anything yet until I receive the package into my hand. So let's see and I will post it here on my blog. Keep coming for the update! Cheers!


Today  is Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - I just got my 2015 Photographer's Market boook ordered from Amazon. The post man called me early in the morning that he has something to bring to me and he arrived at my house about 30 minutes later.

However, the request from postman was to pay the fee of 2000riel ($0.50) without receipt. I didn't ask anyway and just gave him 5000riels as a thank you. Below is the unboxing video of my book package.

I'm now reading to know what are the market where I can sell my photography work in 2015.