I will translate English into Khmer for $5

Hey guys, please feel free to contact me if you have any needs of translating English into Khmer text. I provide the service of translation for more than 10 years and now it goes online where my clients can order my services from anywhere in the world.
Found it at "www.fiverr.com/pisethz"

What is my RATE? 
It is simple, the work will be charge at $5 per 300 words

How to pay for the translation? 
I use Fiverr.com to collect payment and delivery my business. So you don't have to worry has this trusted professional company handle it for me.

Is the service fast? 
I can ensure you that your work will be delivered to you within 24 hours when you pay for extra $5. If not it will be sending to you within 3 days as my standard working time.

How to order the translation? 
Here is the link www.fiverr.com/pisethz