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Translate Photography & Economics Apps from English to Khmer

Many of you might already have heard of the economics or photography apps where you can just take picture to make money. I'm glad that I could contribute to this project with my translation skills.

The aim is to translate all the text in the app from English into Khmer, so Cambodian users will feel at ease using the application and for photo submission.

Need help to expose your app to Cambodian users, please contact me at www.fiverr.com/pisethz

Top 9 Beautiful Camping Site Photos of Highlands Bible College (Rowling Center) Between Phnom Penh & Sihanoukville Province

Today, I am going to introduce you a beautiful camping site where usually Christian groups and organization like to bring people here for retreat or refreshing.

The location is located just a bit further from Pich Nil and it is known as elephant mountain. The former name was "Rowling Center" which later change the name to Highlands Bible College until today.

My recent visit joining a conference at this place and I had the opportunity to capture beautiful picture to show all of you. I hope you find it interesting and make a visit or contact them to organize your next Camping with your team.

Highlands Bible College (Rowling Center) 

This picture taken during the dry season in April, so it doesn't look so green. But as you can see, it just looks great surrounded by the mountain to make you fall in love after witnessing by your own eyes.

Unique type of Tree Grown in these huge garden 

It is a kind of palm tree which stand strong in every weather situation. At this dry season the tree still smile with its green leafs.

Mountain Reflection in Water 

The photo taken from the middle of the small bridge to pass through between the dormitory and the conference hall. In the early morning and evening before sunset, the reflection bring more beauty to this unique location.

Mountain at the Back 

Opposite the above, you could see the mountain range laid behind the school campus. A long this small river water flow to make the reflection look great by the tree and sleepy nature at the back.

Walking Way by the Fence 

If you have time before or after the seminar or workshop program, you can tour the location inside the school campus where you only can find it at Highlands Bible college.

Tips: Get up early so you can experience the sunrise and spend evening to enjoy the sunset.

Building vs Nature when the sun goes down 

Many people missed this golden hour. Since you knew it, so make it possible the next visit to gaze your eyes around by coming to his pond to stand behind this building.

Angry Sky 

The whether in the dry season didn't seem to be nice exposing the very strong sunlight and hot even before the sun went sleep.

Nightscape of Rowling 

Before going to bed in the dormitory house, sometime you could see great sky in the night surrounded by a very quiet moment where you only can hear insects calling out for one another.

Sound System at the Conference Hall 

The controller of a sound system is located at the back in the middle of everything, so a person can pay full attention to the speaker on the stage and take control of everything.

Translate Gaming Website from English to Khmer - Marketing & Review Topics

Translating website is fun in which I just did it couple days ago for a gaming website and review content. The original file given is in Ms. Word document with up to 6800 words.

Topics: Gaming and Review
Words: 6800 words
Target Language: Khmer
Delivery term: 2 days

 In need of someone to assist you in converting the text/content from English to Khmer? I am here to help you. Contact me at www.fiverr.com/pisethz

Latest English to Khmer Translation Project for BitKingdom Website

The newest website translation from English into Khmer would make be a full-time job for this weekend. There are 1470 words project to get it done within 24 hours. Usually, I do not delay in working to satisfy my clients.

Regularly, I receive this type of project to be done online. On BitKingdom again, I have to deliver the work on the customer's website.

Are you in need of any assistant to fix your language issues, I can be a person to make those barriers for you.

Impact Hub Phnom Penh Review

It was my first time attempted to visit Impact Hub Phnom Penh for a very useful topic in doing fund raising, "Happy Hour: How to create a successful crowdfunding campaign By: Impact Hub Phnom Penh" held on 21st March 2016, at 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

I registered for the event in the last minute as the ticket was still available and right away after that I got the confirmation in my mailbox from eventbrite.

I saw few events in the past with very interesting topics somehow there were no chances at all as I had to catch up with my important tasks. Just this time which I made it and I couldn't wait to hear from the speaker.

Journey Start! 

After work around 5:30pm, I left from a place nearby Olympic market heading to attend the workshop. I finally made it to the location as spot in the map.

As shown in the picture, the spot is on street 17 which is exactly what I have seen on the map. While I was there, I look around searching for Impact Hub Phnom Penh. Unfortunately, I made it to the wrong place. Then, I started thinking what did I do... is the map is correct?

Quickly, I started browsing the internet on my smartphone to search for location again and the map tell exactly where I was at that point. I couldn't believe it, so I tried to find the address...oh gosh, it is not on street 17. It should be house #17 and street 306 between st. 51 and Norodom blvd.

I didn't wait any longer because it was already 5:50pm and the workshop start at 6:30pm, so I had to rush on my motorbike.

At Impact Hub Phnom Penh

Yeah, finally I made it. Yes, I mad it. But it was quiet in front of the location. I only see some motorbike and three men (1 young man and 2 middle age between 50 years old).

I asked, is this Impact Hub Phnom Penh?
An old man didn't answer my question and he just looked at me.
I throw him another question, is there anyone taking care of the bike here? I was trying to look for someone to take care of my bike.
The man said, "No, no one here taking care of your bikes." The guard already left at 6:00pm. There was no one appointed anyone to look after this place, the man added. At this time it was about 6:13pm I looked at my watch.

Then I look around checking while sitting on my motorbike expecting someone to come and take care of my belonging. I went on and on for about 10 to 15 minutes, then there were several foreigners came a lady with her bike and men with motorbike parked and then just went up through that small entry with logo Impact Hub Phnom Penh.

It seems like nobody care about leaving their bikes without card and without ticket... hah, they were so brave.

By this time, I heard an old man whispering to a young man...but I couldn't hear quite clear...something like..., "it's such a difficult when he ask for someone to take care of motorbike..." maybe he mentioned about me as I was there for around 15 minutes already.

Oh man, It was so annoying and shameful while waiting on the bike for almost 20 minutes but no one there when I told everyone that I come for a workshop. It was my first time without good experience at all. So I just made a final decision leaving the place after I was trying to ask for phone number to contact the office and searching Impact Hub PP's website but there is no contact at all except to email. But I didn't want to email them. Maybe I should try next time again. It was a just a bad dreaming for me today this evening.

How to Contact? 

I guess they should have phone to contact to make it easy for first time visitor like me and without someone guard my belonging I couldn't make it in as well. I didn't want to loose my bike just because entering a $5 workshop.

Thank you, but please organize the crowdfunding workshop again by providing clear contact information so I can call. ;)

Top 10 Best Photo Visiting Rabbit Island, Kep Province

Kep is one of a great tourist destination in Cambodia where people like to spend time and make a repeat visiting from time to time. It is a wonderful place for those who want to escape in whatever purpose at this beautiful beach of the country where one side surrounded by the mountain side and the other side covered by the sea.

A long the beach in Kep, you can just seat down with friends and family to breath fresh air from the sea. You can order fresh seafood, to mention crab and shrimp from Kep is the best.

Other than just having fund at the beach and swimming you can also visit the Rabbit island which can take you between 20 minutes by boat. You can find it at the tourist port by the touring location and cost you $20 per boat where you can hob in up to 8 people.

Check out some of the photo that I had taken during my visit in March 2016 below.

1- Young Man was playing football on the beach 

2- Drinking Fresh Cambodian Coconut Juice at the beach

3- Sunset in Kep

4- Rock Royal Hotel in Kep

5- Yummy leaf snack called Num Sleuk

6- Tourist Port to take boat to Rabbit Island

7- Khmer Tourist Boat can load more than 10 people but limited 8 people per boat for $20 return from rabbit island

8- Relaxing tourist site at rabbit island

9- Beautiful landscape of Kep island

10-  Boat ready to take tourist back to Kep beach

Tip for visiting this location:
  • Make your first day arrival before lunch so you can enjoy nice sand beach in Kep 
  • Relaxing at the beach until late before going back to the guesthouse or your hotel 
  • Visit Rabbit island the next morning until late noon. Here you have option to stay overnight at the island there are houses there which is fun with group. 

I Can Translate English to Khmer with My Translation Services up to 7000 Words in 24 Hours

Translation has been becoming part of my best friends for more than 10 years. Thinking backward in 1999 when I first started to accept my freelancer job was such a hard decision.

What make me more hesitation was the limitation of my language understanding as It was my elementary stage to practice my foreign language. Suddenly, I got an offered by a my foreigner friends to translate a few pages of his assignment. Since then I took it seriously by improving my skills day-to-day until today.

With years of real practical, I did hundred documents and project from various clients all over the world in different subject matters. I am proud to be able to help fixing small problem for my clients and able to bring them smiles. I get more encouragement when I receive receive positive feedback always from my clients which make me work harder and focus on accuracy and cultural sensitive to all my works.

Timing is quite challenging at first when I accept the job in my journey as a translator fixing language issues. But thanks to all experiences that I faced helping to build me up where I can handle larger pile of documents and be able to kill for words per day.

Many times, I had to deal with 4000 to 5000 words per day. Sometime, 6000 words to deliver within 24 hours, rarely happened anyway.

Why speed matter?

The reason that I mentioned about my translation speed is just to share my success story which I had to finish the urgent work for my clients early this year.

In January 2016 was a year of blessing with work leading to some good amount of money which I had to kill almost 8000 words in 24 hours. Oh yeah, I had to work in about 10 hours to get it done.

Before I accept the job, I was trying to negotiate with my client, somehow, I was offered compensation to do so. After all then I knew my speed that I can handle up to 7000 to 8000 words per day.

So what subject can I fix for my customers? 

It sounds like tough, but actually I can answer straight away that I accept all kind of document in any topics. There is no easy or difficult for me. My heart is here to solve language problem for you immediately.

What is your rate? 

I am very please to set the flat rate for all kind of document under my manual translation service with only $5 per 300 words. You can reach me at www.fiverr.com/pisethz

I can't wait to complete your next translation project. Should you have any question, just drop me a massage through the above link. I am more than happy to help you.

Top 10 Best Coffee Shop in Cambodia

Just Café is not understandable in Khmer language that's why I mention Coffee Shop instead. I never like drinking coffee so much as I have resistant with it when taking even just a bit. Usually it makes my muscle shaking, so I had no choice beside not taking it for quiet many years.

Until 2015, I tried it again. This time I had good feeling with it, so I start tasting different flavors from the shop everywhere I found in the city. The following are my up to date recommendation to you.

1- Brown Coffee 

The website of brown coffee
Simply the awesome one that I like to come by as the flavor is just unique for me and many locals. More than just that the shop also serve bakery menu as well.

2- Royal Cafe 

This is a local brand coffee yet very famous getting support from the local people among the teenager, student and employee who are in the age group. The location is very easy to find located on the main road Russian Blvd in front of Royal University of Phnom Penh. I was wondering the university name is the influence in naming the shop.

3- T & C 

T & C FB
The abbreviation also could be the great name for the shop just like this one. If I understand correctly, it should represent Tea and Coffee but there maybe some other meanings. It's a very nice place to come for food and of course coffee from this place.  

4- Xotique Coffee & Bakery

website of the shop
The setup of the shop is very cool to make you feel relax and want to spend time coming back again. It's always come into my choice whenever I want to drink coffee.

5- Costa Coffee 

Costa for coffee lover

The number one coffee from the UK is here in Cambodia, so you can enjoy. I came here several time to taste not just the drink but other menu for lunch there as well.

6- Team Coffee 

A place to enjoy breakfast and coffee. It is located on Hanoi road in Phnom Penh which is a bit far but still in town in Phnom Penh Thmey area where many people are moving to live there at the moment. I find this restaurant is a good place for meeting as well.

7- Park Café

There are many branches in town which is easy to find from your location. The one that I like to come by is near Sovana shopping mall. 

8- Star Buck 

Finally the real coffee brand arrived Cambodia! I just taste once on the occasion that I flew outside Cambodia as their outlet at the moment available only from inside Phnom Penh International Airport.

9- Café Yejj

Menu of the shop

The business setup for many years serving its original taste to the local and expats community in Cambodia. There are more menu included such as western, Italian & Mediterranean cuisine.

10- Gloria Jean's Coffees

Visit website

Looking for a brand, here is another coffee that you want to try here in Phnom Penh.

Actually, there are more places that I had been tasting however I only list these at the moment and will of course share more it my update posts.

9 Responsive Layout Adsense Wordpress Theme in 2016

First of all, I wish you all the best to start your online business in 2016. Make sure you treat it seriously and TAKING ACTION! It is the most powerful key to success through doing it regularly. 99% of the people out there including myself get lost easy and of course want to give-up super fast.

Once again, when you commit to make a passive income online, you want to do it the right way at the beginning. Chance of failure is very little when you get the right mindset, the right tool to start with. Here I am going to introduce you 9 skins, the wordpress theme where you can hardly find somewhere else.

What I like to share according to my experience using it since 2015 are:
  • Responsive layout design which works in all devices - Yeah, I like it the most and I don't have to worry whether my website technical since user will surely feel good with it. 
  • Plenty of fonts to choose from which use google fonts library, so you select the most suitable one for your style. 
  • Optimized for search engine ready - talking about profit of course, you need SEO design for your website to drive organic traffic as you know visitors who come from the search respond more to increase the revenue. 
  • More option inside, but the last one which I can excitedly express is about Ad management. It gives you flexibility to manage your ads at no time. 
Here you go...Let's check it out!

1- Viral Blog 

Live Demo

The focus of this template is design for visitor at first glance. Everything is like 99% ready, so what you need to do is to add the article into your website. I like this type of thing when talking to making passive income from website.


Live Demo

This is a very beautiful wordpress theme with clean design to attract both visitors and search engine to booth for traffic especially with focusing on social media sharing tools.

3- Pingraphy 

Live Demo

Look for pinterest style layout, here is the one for you. So you can enjoy sharing your passionate content to the world targeting your variety of niche markets.

4- Personal 

Live Demo

Speaking from within my heart, I love this one so much since it is very appealing to me. Normally, I like writing anything from my own review of thing happening around me. More than just sharing this template help me to get connect to the outside world.

5- WimplePro

Live Demo

This template is very simple which doesn't involve much graphic at all. The overall is just so clean that what I could describe it. To be honest, I used this skin since the developer released it in the first stage with free version. If you like something less ad but focusing on traffic from the search engine, it is the most recommended one from my point of view. It works best for adsense and amazon together!

6- SuperAds 

Live Demo

This is a heavy ads template of course for the blog that contain simple article to crucial content. Users can see ads everywhere, but it gives you the option to place on the location that you preferred to best fit with your website.

7- Tagazine 

Live Demo

This is a professional wordpress them for a magazine like where you can choice to add different flavor of the content in whatever area. If you need a template that fit to variety needs of the hot trend in the world market today then consider using this one.

8- Wiral

Live Demo

This is a clever wordpress template out there to help you maximizing your profit. Getting connected with the target audience is a key to success in doing online business and it also apply to all sort of project.

9- BizCorp 

Live Demo

I recommend this blog to my colleague at work using this template for non-profit even though it designs to fit business oriented. Wow, the result come out so great with few customization from the themecountry team. The support team is just awesome!

Rural Cambodia: Sanitation Statistic in 2015

According to the news report by Phnom Penh Post issued on 17th November, 2015 reported that in the last 2 decades from the 1990s, there were up to 89% of the people didn't have sanitation (restroom) at home.

The new statistic from Ministry of Development show that only 47% of the total population who don't have the the toilet at home which found to be decrease dramatically in number.

In the news added that the government is planning to reach 60% and to achieve 100% in the year 2025.

This is a good new to everyone living in the country especially those who live in the remote location. 

Top 5 best 3D Drawing Pens

What awesome stuff that I just found out today. Actually, it is not new at all. Somehow, I just learned about it and they really exist in this world which I have to admit I am a bit late in following up with technology.

I just said in my heart, wow! How could they do such a thing drawing the 3D picture using just a pen? The question just popup in my head which I couldn't stop myself to study more about these item. I thought you could benefit this like me too as I am not an artist but I love thing like this.

So, you want to draw a 3D image with just pen? Yes, this is electronic kind of tool where you have to plug the pen into the electricity and using the assisting substance to create the image. Yeah, sounds cool - isn't it?

Let's now looking at these top 5 after I did full research of 3 hours.

1- Crenova Doodler Pen 
This is a fantastic tool which can perform magic work for an outstanding result for you. Less work but great outcome that I like the most. You can add the material, the color and adjust the temperature to fit your work. Check details & price here.

2- Samto 3D Pen 

This is dam cool that you can get it for friends as a surprise gift. It works event for those who do not draw. With support from the pen, the drawer can create amazing work. Check details & price here.

3- YaYa3D

If the 3D printer is more expensive and you don't ever need it much then get a simple version working with this powerful magic pen instead. The crazy result will create a fantastic feeling for you. Check details & price!

4- 3Doodler

Whether the person has experience or without any experience, but this pen can help to fulfill the ultimate purpose. It's easy to get the stack of color line for using with this magical pen to draw anything you may have in mind.  I choose this one for my 5 years old daughter as it is easy to hold especially for a young kid. Check details & price!

5- Scribbler

Kids absolutely love this pen! The body look so cute with popup and hole make it event more interesting. Feel it so you can tell. Check details & price!