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Top 10 Best Coffee Shop in Cambodia

Just Café is not understandable in Khmer language that's why I mention Coffee Shop instead. I never like drinking coffee so much as I have resistant with it when taking even just a bit. Usually it makes my muscle shaking, so I had no choice beside not taking it for quiet many years.

Until 2015, I tried it again. This time I had good feeling with it, so I start tasting different flavors from the shop everywhere I found in the city. The following are my up to date recommendation to you.

1- Brown Coffee 

The website of brown coffee
Simply the awesome one that I like to come by as the flavor is just unique for me and many locals. More than just that the shop also serve bakery menu as well.

2- Royal Cafe 

This is a local brand coffee yet very famous getting support from the local people among the teenager, student and employee who are in the age group. The location is very easy to find located on the main road Russian Blvd in front of Royal University of Phnom Penh. I was wondering the university name is the influence in naming the shop.

3- T & C 

T & C FB
The abbreviation also could be the great name for the shop just like this one. If I understand correctly, it should represent Tea and Coffee but there maybe some other meanings. It's a very nice place to come for food and of course coffee from this place.  

4- Xotique Coffee & Bakery

website of the shop
The setup of the shop is very cool to make you feel relax and want to spend time coming back again. It's always come into my choice whenever I want to drink coffee.

5- Costa Coffee 

Costa for coffee lover

The number one coffee from the UK is here in Cambodia, so you can enjoy. I came here several time to taste not just the drink but other menu for lunch there as well.

6- Team Coffee 

A place to enjoy breakfast and coffee. It is located on Hanoi road in Phnom Penh which is a bit far but still in town in Phnom Penh Thmey area where many people are moving to live there at the moment. I find this restaurant is a good place for meeting as well.

7- Park Café

There are many branches in town which is easy to find from your location. The one that I like to come by is near Sovana shopping mall. 

8- Star Buck 

Finally the real coffee brand arrived Cambodia! I just taste once on the occasion that I flew outside Cambodia as their outlet at the moment available only from inside Phnom Penh International Airport.

9- Café Yejj

Menu of the shop

The business setup for many years serving its original taste to the local and expats community in Cambodia. There are more menu included such as western, Italian & Mediterranean cuisine.

10- Gloria Jean's Coffees

Visit website

Looking for a brand, here is another coffee that you want to try here in Phnom Penh.

Actually, there are more places that I had been tasting however I only list these at the moment and will of course share more it my update posts.

9 Responsive Layout Adsense Wordpress Theme in 2016

First of all, I wish you all the best to start your online business in 2016. Make sure you treat it seriously and TAKING ACTION! It is the most powerful key to success through doing it regularly. 99% of the people out there including myself get lost easy and of course want to give-up super fast.

Once again, when you commit to make a passive income online, you want to do it the right way at the beginning. Chance of failure is very little when you get the right mindset, the right tool to start with. Here I am going to introduce you 9 skins, the wordpress theme where you can hardly find somewhere else.

What I like to share according to my experience using it since 2015 are:
  • Responsive layout design which works in all devices - Yeah, I like it the most and I don't have to worry whether my website technical since user will surely feel good with it. 
  • Plenty of fonts to choose from which use google fonts library, so you select the most suitable one for your style. 
  • Optimized for search engine ready - talking about profit of course, you need SEO design for your website to drive organic traffic as you know visitors who come from the search respond more to increase the revenue. 
  • More option inside, but the last one which I can excitedly express is about Ad management. It gives you flexibility to manage your ads at no time. 
Here you go...Let's check it out!

1- Viral Blog 

Live Demo

The focus of this template is design for visitor at first glance. Everything is like 99% ready, so what you need to do is to add the article into your website. I like this type of thing when talking to making passive income from website.


Live Demo

This is a very beautiful wordpress theme with clean design to attract both visitors and search engine to booth for traffic especially with focusing on social media sharing tools.

3- Pingraphy 

Live Demo

Look for pinterest style layout, here is the one for you. So you can enjoy sharing your passionate content to the world targeting your variety of niche markets.

4- Personal 

Live Demo

Speaking from within my heart, I love this one so much since it is very appealing to me. Normally, I like writing anything from my own review of thing happening around me. More than just sharing this template help me to get connect to the outside world.

5- WimplePro

Live Demo

This template is very simple which doesn't involve much graphic at all. The overall is just so clean that what I could describe it. To be honest, I used this skin since the developer released it in the first stage with free version. If you like something less ad but focusing on traffic from the search engine, it is the most recommended one from my point of view. It works best for adsense and amazon together!

6- SuperAds 

Live Demo

This is a heavy ads template of course for the blog that contain simple article to crucial content. Users can see ads everywhere, but it gives you the option to place on the location that you preferred to best fit with your website.

7- Tagazine 

Live Demo

This is a professional wordpress them for a magazine like where you can choice to add different flavor of the content in whatever area. If you need a template that fit to variety needs of the hot trend in the world market today then consider using this one.

8- Wiral

Live Demo

This is a clever wordpress template out there to help you maximizing your profit. Getting connected with the target audience is a key to success in doing online business and it also apply to all sort of project.

9- BizCorp 

Live Demo

I recommend this blog to my colleague at work using this template for non-profit even though it designs to fit business oriented. Wow, the result come out so great with few customization from the themecountry team. The support team is just awesome!

Rural Cambodia: Sanitation Statistic in 2015

According to the news report by Phnom Penh Post issued on 17th November, 2015 reported that in the last 2 decades from the 1990s, there were up to 89% of the people didn't have sanitation (restroom) at home.

The new statistic from Ministry of Development show that only 47% of the total population who don't have the the toilet at home which found to be decrease dramatically in number.

In the news added that the government is planning to reach 60% and to achieve 100% in the year 2025.

This is a good new to everyone living in the country especially those who live in the remote location. 

Top 5 best 3D Drawing Pens

What awesome stuff that I just found out today. Actually, it is not new at all. Somehow, I just learned about it and they really exist in this world which I have to admit I am a bit late in following up with technology.

I just said in my heart, wow! How could they do such a thing drawing the 3D picture using just a pen? The question just popup in my head which I couldn't stop myself to study more about these item. I thought you could benefit this like me too as I am not an artist but I love thing like this.

So, you want to draw a 3D image with just pen? Yes, this is electronic kind of tool where you have to plug the pen into the electricity and using the assisting substance to create the image. Yeah, sounds cool - isn't it?

Let's now looking at these top 5 after I did full research of 3 hours.

1- Crenova Doodler Pen 
This is a fantastic tool which can perform magic work for an outstanding result for you. Less work but great outcome that I like the most. You can add the material, the color and adjust the temperature to fit your work. Check details & price here.

2- Samto 3D Pen 

This is dam cool that you can get it for friends as a surprise gift. It works event for those who do not draw. With support from the pen, the drawer can create amazing work. Check details & price here.

3- YaYa3D

If the 3D printer is more expensive and you don't ever need it much then get a simple version working with this powerful magic pen instead. The crazy result will create a fantastic feeling for you. Check details & price!

4- 3Doodler

Whether the person has experience or without any experience, but this pen can help to fulfill the ultimate purpose. It's easy to get the stack of color line for using with this magical pen to draw anything you may have in mind.  I choose this one for my 5 years old daughter as it is easy to hold especially for a young kid. Check details & price!

5- Scribbler

Kids absolutely love this pen! The body look so cute with popup and hole make it event more interesting. Feel it so you can tell. Check details & price!

502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.8.0 - Fiverr

I was in hope to deliver the work for my dear customer as soon as possible but while refreshing the page, it said, "502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.8.0" - oh my, what's happening?
Error message on Fiverr

To be honest, I had never had such problem and I just wish it is going smooth so soon. After refreshing a couple minute later the website (fiverr) loading back to normal. Hooray, thanks for the team and/or machine/technical support for fixing it so quick.

I can now process the work as normal!

Nikon FE Film Camera in Cambodia

This is a cool antique film camera with everything look new sharing by a professional photographer whom I respect in Cambodia saying,

"I get all of this yesterday from Germany Travel Photographer he sell for me in price 85$ is amazing for me I think is a gift,) everything look news Nikon fe body with drive and three lens some accessories all in protect box rimowa made in Germany,) I ask him why u sale it he said I'm Retired,) he have a big house, car, and nice family in Cambodia.) Is my lucky day and yes I do love film camera especially I am Nikon,)"

 Reference here

Khmer Thai Dictionary for Android

This is the the app where Android use can enjoy learning Thai language with more than 500 words in database at the moment I am writing this article. It is very good for beginner to start with as it contains useful words for daily conversation.

The intermediate user will also find it helpful to build up the new vocabularies. The main feature of this app has the following:
- Picture on the left side of the word to make it easy to understand the word
- The word in English on the right side of the photo
- Follow by word written in Khmer below the English
- Then Thai word at the bottom
- Lastly, the single word that has picture on top followed by English, Khmer, Thai and Sound

Screen capture: 
Word list in app
 Download it from HERE
Single word with translation and sound

Light AdSense High CTR WordPress Theme 2016

When you are treating your hobby into more serious level, the sooner you will get it to real business. There is a word for a Chinese multi millionaire, the owner of Alibaba once said if you never test/try how will you know you can do it. The statement is speaking right to our heart to take action as soon as before you forget it.

Anything that passed by after 24 hours tend to forget in my brain, so I stick only to the success road where helping me to get better in result. Now, here is something that I want to share with you for your upcoming success in AdSense which you are already doing it.

You may ask me why do I know? Of course, when you are reading this post then I know you are making money with it my friends. At this point you may want to take your hobby or business to another level in term of more profit...YES more money man.

The Adsos WordPress template is a tool where you can get it install on your wordpress website in a couple of minutes to run it. It is the fast loading no matter what speed of the internet. Your website will always serve your visitors in quicker response and it is responsive to any devices.

Here is now it look like on the single article page:

You don't have to thanks me when you get more money. The hardest decision that you have to do now will determine your success in the near future.

Top 5 Best Cars Under $10,000 in Cambodia

Many car owners in Cambodia are fan of used car imported from oversea like USA. Make sure you check the car history report before buying any car to use as it helps you to save money as well as preventing from unexpected accident. Get the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) located  under the front glass above the steering wheel side.

You can find car history checking service cost starting from $6 and you're going to say wow, this is not expensive at all. Yes, you are right this is not expensive which I recommend it to all my friends and people whom I knew they are going to buy used car. 

According to my recent research, the used car which is popular importing to Cambodia manufacture between 1999 to 2003.

Here is a list of car under $10,000 and very fuel

1- 2000 Toyota Camry or under is very well made with good space for family usage. This is a 5 seats Sudan car where consuming between 8 litters to 10 litters per 100km.

2- 2000 Toyota Rav4 is another economical car that you can see this car running on the road in Cambodia. The spar part is also easy to find from the garage or used car market.

3- 2000 4Runner to me is bit strange design however, it is one of the most attractive due to the price where most people can only afford car under this cost.

4- 2000 Honda CR-V is among the outstanding car with less fuel consumption. That's why people like to use it.

5- 1996 Mitsubishi Montero where you can use this car for offroad in Cambodia as well as for long distance drive from different location in the province. The price is much more affordable than the previous four cars above costing between $5000 to $7000 with more seat at the 3rd row.  

Tips: Check if the mileage or km is less between 95k to 150k consider to be a quality secondhand car. Good luck to you!

Top 5 Carbon Fiber Bikes of 2015

So you want good material made bike for your next sport bike? I just bought one among the top 5 that I am going to list it as below. Mine is at the bottom one, however you don't have to choose like me.

Just warn you won't follow the advertising or promotion so much as they are sometime over do it which tend to make it fall in love easily than usual. 

Here is the best 5 you want to look at it now: 

5- GMC Denali Road Bike

This bike has the right frame to suit you tall. What you need to do is just make sure to choose the correct one for yourself. It is the comfortable size where people can select from its range. 

 mgm road bike

4- 2015 Kestrel Talon

This is a strong build bike for people who like to ride in all occasion. I got a personal thought from a friend of mine who involve a lot of riding contest and he speaks very positive of it. Yeah, that is a good sign to go with this one I think.

3- BEIOU Carbon fiber Mountain Bike 

The bike doesn't just look strong from the outside of course it designs for quality. As for me I don't want to get in trouble after using few months of using something. It kind of much prefer going for premium product rather than cheaper one and later fix problems.

2- 2012 Kestrel Tri Shimano

This is the best color in many ways. It remind me something about what my daughter said to me, "Daddy, please buy every thing blue or light blue for me." With this she is fall in love the blue type of stuff with well thought competing with her friends. I just wish when she grow up I can get this bike for her in another 15 years lolz.

1- Kestrel LEGEND 

First look what have you notice? Of course the color in black. Men love it? The answer would be yes of course 99% of men will want to own a black type of electronic equipment or sport product.

 Remember that these are just one collection and you may find more review of the quality build product in my next post and with other technical experts. 

Shopping Amazon Products to Cambodia in 2015

You might already heard about my experienced shopping a photography book from Amazon in the US to Cambodia.

The waiting is about a month to get the physical product ship to your address in Phnom Penh. Once again, this time I order 2 drawing books for my 4 years old girl who start to express her talent in sketching different shapes on the paper.

The reason that I do this is just to give my support as what I can do to help her expanding her drawing skills adding to her imagination.

I placed the order on 3rd June 2015 and after that Amazon gave me the estimate date of arrival around 30th June to 20th July as below. 

Book items in the shopping cart.
Shipping to my address in Phnom Penh

Estimate date of arrival. 

Hey guys, just a little update!!! I got the book on  3rd July 2015 exactly 1 month which is within the predict period by Amazon. Cool!