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3 Ingredients to Make Even Tasty Grilled Chicken

When you think of making delicious food, then try out this new way of cooking your grilled chicken next time. Here is how we cook it!

Choosing the organic chicken in order to experience the tasty meat on earth. After that make sure you clean it and get a cooking pot, so you can grilled it. During the process of having it done, you can prepare the vegetables as the following that will make it taste like heaven.

1- Green Vegetable 
The leave here would blend well with the chicken. You can use it to wrap with chicken meat and then deep it with the source.

2-Banana Tree
Do not take the whole tree. Only take the core and chop it, so you can chew it. The one that just grown up would be an ideal.

3- Mixed vegetables
It looks great, don't you think? Of course, it does and not just that but the mixing is ready for you from the two type of the vegetables above. Enjoy your grilled chicken!

7 Things to Know When Visiting Bangkok

A particular time this year, we had a chance to visit Bangkok with our family. It took us 3 months to plan and prepare everything expecting our trip will be wonderful. I am going to share with you our journey as the following:

1- Schedule and Booking 

It could be very headache enough if we do not know what to do which would lead to nothing to plan for... This time we knew that we want to do something and some sightseeing.
So starting in May we were searching to plan to purchase the air tickets for each of our family members and all of them will first time to visit Bangkok.

Thanks we found this airline that sell good price ticket during their discount period. Then we make a reservation in middle of June 2017 for our flight to take place in August 2017. The round ticket cost us around $60+ round trip. This is amazing!

Because the nature of our trip focus mostly on shopping, so we don't bring anything much a long with us. Mostly empty luggage so we can buy stuff back home. We book the hotel at First House Bangkok which is very close to Pratunam market.

2- Local Transportation 

We make it late at night to Sovanna Phum airport around 11 o'clock at night. Before getting a taxi into the city, we purchase a simcard at the airphone arrival gate in the first floor.

At this floor we walk toward a taxi stand to press for the ques number, so we can get on to the taxi. As soon as the ticket came out, we can see the alert sign at the taxi waiting to drive for us. The rate for 7 people including 3 kids were 700 baths.

We use our assistant from Google map to help us spotting our way to the hotel. About half an hour later, we made it to the right corner to turn into the hotel that we are staying. The taxi driver is very friendly and trying to chat with us all the way

Getting taxi here is very easy. You can stand at the corner of the street looking for available taxi or you can use app like "Grabs" to book your taxi for any trips. 

3- Food 

If you worry about food, then do not panic. Here, you will love the food and its people which is within your reach anywhere in the city. I thought at night we might have difficulty for our late dinner but as soon as we arrive the hotel, we saw nearby selling plenty foods. The next day and during our stay we enjoyed street foods as well as the restaurant and food square at the mall. I like the spicy ingredients. Of course, sometime after our tired walking to do shopping at the mall; we just pack some foods back to eat at the hotel.

Just to make sure then we ask the front desk whether we can take something in. The response was awesome,... you can bring food to enjoy in your room but please do not take durian....lolz. Otherwise, will get fine.

4- Shopping

For those of you who like shopping then make it to Bangkok. Do not waste time anywhere else in term of looking for dress, clothing for kids, and for adults. Some little warning note, please be careful with what you buy on the road side and make sure you check so you don't get frustrated later. But mostly those are great items you can pick up.

5- Playground 

Our kids love the playground at the mall at Siam Paragon, so we spend half day there. After enjoying lunch at the location we move on to the next small Big C to enjoy another shopping.

Check the hotel for advice for local tourist attractions and how to get transportation. Usually, the taxi is within your reach on the road or you can use mobile app like Grabs. 

6- Tourist Attractions 

This time, we go to Safari world to enjoy the animals, touring at the zoo and enjoy the show starting in the morning after about 40 minutes on the taxi until 4pm.

The show at this place usually take about 30 minutes ranging from monkey show, bird show, dolphin and more. You can easily get foods and drinks at the location.

7- Currency 

I should mention this early in the post but I didn't understand why I discuss about it the last one. Please take note that this is very important for you to get the exchange ready in your country before coming to Thailand or do it at the airport upon your arrival.

Only Thai bath will be accepted if you spend in cash. You can find some shops and restaurants that accept credit card. Bring your extra US dollars or check the acceptance currencies, so you can get the exchange close to where you stay.

Best Flavour of Cambodian Crunchy Crickets

Cambodian eat crickets here in Cambodia! That is a surprise statement to most local people too. We never cook it for foods as today. I do not know why people do that and not sure from where and when they do this. From what I know in the last several years we have seen people deep fried them and sell it on the street.


The picture was taken during my trip to Kampong Thom province early in May 2017. I cannot believe my eyes when seeing it. They looks weird to me and I don't like the smell as well.

You can find them on the national road no.6 on the way to Siem Reap province. The place known as skoin. A popular tourist and local passengers stop for foods.

How to Eat Crickets? 

I didn't try it by myself while I was there. However, I check with the seller and people who eat them and they say, "well, it is simple...you just grasp them and put them all in your mouth and chew it." After listening, I still couldn't imagine it.

I won't eat them and never in the future, anyway. You can pass it to someone you know who want to taste them badly. ;)

Top 10 Beautiful Photos of Kirirum Resort in Cambodia

In the occasion of the national women's day, I had a chance to visit Pich Nil mountain where then I stay one night at V-Kirirum tent house. On a trip like this, we do not just want to experience the location but we also want to enjoy as much as we could.

After few years, this place has developed tremendously. On the way, I capture some photos until at the resort. Check it out as below.

Fresh Cambodian Farm Fruits

The bus stop for us close to the spirit house on our way to vKirirum. The whether in March started getting hot here, so we don't enjoy it much. But thanks to the lady who sell these fruits where we can enjoy and cool down our feeling.

Transportation - Man on his bike

Motorbike is very common in Cambodia. People use it to transport goods from place to place. This countryside man was using his motor to carry two big sacks on the new constructed road.

Yeay Mao - Strong Hold Spirit

Majority of Cambodian people having faith in the spirit of different things. This is one of the statue where people stop by and offer their offering of usually foods, fruits and burning the incense to dedicate it to yeah mao (the back grandma).

Reflection of Bus's Mirror

Left hand reflection against the yellow bus's mirror while stopping by the road side to allow people to run down to find the restroom nearby.

Cambodian Mango

Cambodian is well known for its fresh fruits in all season through out the year. There are plenty different type of mango starting in the early year through mid year. The yellow fruit is very tasty.

Cambodian Plastic School House

This is the only one plastic house where accommodate children in the area to offer education to them. In most part of the country usually lack of school and qualified teachers. But thanks to these wonderful volunteer who help to make it possible through these amazing plastic school house.

Antique Motorcycle 

This is old!!! Yes, very very old. In most part of the world, maybe they keep it at the museum to benefit from its value. But the condition of this motorbike is still usable here in Kirirum resort.

Empty Soup Bowl

The empty soup bowl gave me some not good impression as when I walk down toward the waterfall, but what I saw first before the waterfall was this one. It's kind of sad and I know it will not look good for other tourists as well.

Yellow Cambodian Flower

Oh yeah, the flower were planted in a pot very behind the cottage very close to the stream to welcome visitors by standing very firm there.

Cambodian Kitchen

This is the typical Khmer kitchen in the countryside. The pan and rice cooker as well as other stuff look really black. It is to cook food for the family and maybe for visitors as well.

Broken Light

I believe the gaslighter here is dead. I saw there were no gas inside and losing its cover already. I saw it while I was walking to tour the beauty of the nature near by the tent house at v-Kirirum.

Typical Wooden House

There were so many old motorcycles which is still working good and the villager here us it for daily transportation on the mountain and sometime take it to buy stuff at the market at the edge of the mount.

Plantation at the resort

This kind of plantation is found everywhere at this resort and mostly they attached to the other tree living there the rest of their life.

Best 5 Must Read Books About Cambodia - Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to our new video today. We're going to discuss about the top five best books for you to read about Cambodia today. This is based on my personal and public opinion. In the list will point out the value, useful content/information specifically for the readers. 

There are many things you will discover about Cambodia including the daily lifestyle, the situation and many more things you can find out prior visiting the country which is listed in the description below. Getting to know the people and the tourist attraction in Cambodia is no longer difficulty where you can just subscribe to the channel or leave your comment or question below. 

And why you should wait! Ok, so let's start at number 5 we have 

Angkor: Cambodia's Wondrous Khmer Temples  

This is one of the best travel guide book for people who really wish to go deeper about the culture of this nation and its people especially the value temple of Angkor Wat one of the wonder of the world. Yes, it is a thick and heavy book to dive into the culture and history. It is even much more useful when you spend time in Siem Reap, the book will guide you through almost everything when, where and what to do. So much information that the author trying to offer ranging from restaurant, hotel both in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh the capital city of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Grab this book, so you won't miss any places when you are here. 

Want the amazing guide, this book will help you to get to understand the country very quick and with step by step tour guide with information about the temple excellent for solo traveler or someone who do not wish to spend more money for tourguide. Yes, that's everything you need to know about Angkor Wat! 

Move on to number 4 


This book became very popular since after Angelina Jolie turn the story written in here into a great movie in 2016 - First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers. It is very important that you will have to read the narrative to understand why and how did it happen. 

The darkest time has been over for more than 40 years, the story of a little girl of 5 years old name Leoung Ung. It is a corner of memory, a horror to reflect the history of the society in those times. It's a fearful experience for a child who speak the historic fact. Imagine this 5 years old girl later became the great author to reveal the truth that happen at that time as she knew nothing about conflict or war at this age. Just suddenly the happy moment was over yet filled with sadness to horror without any warning sign to create the nervous in brain and couldn't understand it. Yeah, this was what could happen in one part of the world. 

The next one to read with number 3 in the list. 

Cambodia - Culture Smart! The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture



The book is one of the easy to read and the guidebook that you will enjoy the most. It speaks greatly about the business culture of the country. Understanding one's nation culture and their tradition is how you could connect very well for either short time visit or long time investment in the country with its people. The brief history describing the glory day and the fallen of the Angkor empire was mentioned. Particularly it is good for those who plan to move to Cambodia living and working here. Most people could benefit from it with the tip written to help you for survival in another culture. 

This book is very informative where you will be able to touch in different aspect about the country. Of course, great read prior traveling to Cambodia! 

Close to the top of the list with number 2

In the Shadow of the Banyan: A Novel 



It is a novel book, a heart-breaking story of a royal family. The writer has a very gifted to illustrate it simple way, so readers can learn about the context very easily. Something that you could not imagine, something that you could learn. The hardship that you couldn't understand. The discussion explains great value of the rich and the lower class. Life condition and struggling yet moving toward successful in wisdom!

Above all is number 1 - speak for both local and expats! 


Move to Cambodia: A guide to living and working in the Kingdom of Wonder contain so much information which is very useful for daily routine, and you will know exactly what to do with the guidance as written in the book connecting from one chapter to another. It is a recommended book for everyone who already settle in Cambodia and for those who are new as well. 

There are a lot of information contain in this book. The author is just very smart giving a brief introduction about the country which is good enough to understand the culture, tradition and the people of this country. Then give excellent suggestion for further reading into different topics. There are plenty of useful resources that one won't miss it at all. 

It breaks everything from the least one to the most needed and rare one. Even health care, insurance and what to do or what to invest in term of business in Cambodia! Eating, traveling and entertainment is definitely you want to know in basic term. 

Last, I hope you will enjoy the list and benefit from it. You can just check out from the link below to the 5 books as I mentioned here! Just let me know if you want to know thing else by giving your comment below. Do not forget to subscribe! Have a great day my friend! 

Best Lunch Box Delivery in Phnom Penh

Looking for what to eat or what to drink could be very challenging when you set limit budget for you daily expenses especially among people who work full-time or run their own business. It is because you don't have time to cook. That's why you will struggle everyday looking for different type of foods to eat or you will end up eating the same type of food at a certain restaurant or street food.

In order to help you saving your energy, time and money I am listing down few great food delivery service in Phnom Penh for you as below:

1- Lunch Box Catering Service 

There are several discs for you to choose from everyday so you will feel refresh in the midst of your busy day. What you need to do is to just make a phone call and book them few hours before you daily meal and the delivery person will drop it for you.

Lunch Box Menu can be reach at:
Phone: 010 88 77 56, 012 694 624
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lunchboxcam
Address: House No.28, St. 528, Sangkat Beoung Kak I, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh

2- Mekong BBQ 

The restaurant owner and the cook make very special food for you to enjoy. After tasting once, I bet you will come back again for more. There are variety of lunch and dinner mix with Asian, the western and European foods.

Make sure the restaurant know your place where they can drop your order at the right time. Yes, healthy body start with eating the right food. Oh, I forgot to mention they serve both the lunch service daily and monthly. The lunch box also include a dessert as well. So enjoy it!

Phone: 016 472 021/ 012 706 031
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dina.sar.1
Location: Few location in Phnom Penh city

Cambodia Investment - Construction Plan Start in 2017

According to Business Cambodia, a big investment is starting in Kampot to bring this city to another level and attract more people here.

In April 2017, the construction project is going to start and will be able to provide 25,000 job opportunity to the people during this period. In the future it will be more people after the opening. Check it out below!

Credit: Business-Cambodia

Photo of Banteay Meanchey Province: Beautiful Nature in Malai District

The journey to Malai district in Banteay Meanchey province was such a great opportunity to discover the hidden beauty of the countryside from this part of the country. It is once in a life time that you do not want to miss it.

The whole trip starting from Phnom Penh at 7am and we are reaching to Serey Sophoin in Banteay Meanchey around 3pm then making no stop straight to to the location by arrival around 4:30pm.

By the time the sunset, I didn't have chance to take any photo though as we were on our way back and fourth to visit the project location until the sky was getting dark.

Somehow, on the way back we were caught by the flock of bird spending their mid day to search for food and enjoying by the tree after the harvest season. Here how it looks like:

There were estimate around 100 birds flying which made the scene white. So we stop the car and taking out the camera to point into those flying animal. Somehow, many of them fly away when seeing human approaching them.

20 Best Photos of Phnom Penh City on Cambodia Boat Racing (Water Festival) of 2008

Boat racing is a big time when people from everywhere across the country and from every walk of life coming to the city at the same time. The main purpose is to enjoy the crowd, the promotion of the product and especially seeing the racing boat during the day.

I got some great memory from the last experience that I came to see the boat racing or known as water festival in Cambodia back in 2008. Here is some highlight photos.

1- The Light Up of Ministry of Commerce 

Ministry of Commerce this year had very attractive decoration which draw million of people eyes and everyone of them want to take photo of this boat. The connection is traveling to different country surrounded the map of Cambodia as in the picture and the national flag of the Kingdom is at the tail of the dragon.

2- Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fishing

With such a beautiful light of the ministry logo with 3 national flag on each side.

3- Ministry of Land Management

The golden color and the reflection in the water create awesome vignette around it.

4- National Bank of Cambodia

Showing the treasure and the development of the Kingdom of Cambodia through the defined by its decoration.

5- Phnom Penh City

Look like there are plenty of rice in the middle of the boat. The two dragon get their tails together while looking forward to the different direction.

6- Water Festival Greeting!

The white written text hanging across the street is the welcoming sign to all the visitor who visited this beautiful event in 2008.

7- Visitors Walk

On the road people can only walk, no vehicles allow which make it green and wonderful moment to enjoy Phnom Penh city.

8- Foreigner Guests

At each year festival not just the local people who want to come and see the boat racing but also attract thousands of foreigners to this cheerful event.

9- Security Guards

Police and security guard were scatter in different location during this time to help make way and help to ease traffic. Thanks to our hard working police offers!

10- Traditional Offering

During the big festival like this also have people to interest to offer the offering that's why this man sell these stuffs. The little banana tree with some kinds of made combination of what people believe to offer.

11- Tour the Surrounding

This is the best time of the year that million of people can walk together as citizen of the country.

12- River Front

To be honest it is very difficult to see the boat racing during this time, but people just like to walk together and moving toward the riverside area.

13- Small Business

While passing by you'd see variety of small business setup to serve the need of hungriness that people would meet in those time.

14- Sugarcane

The little young girl in red t-shirt was selling the sugarcane to tourist who visit the water festival day in front of Naga World resort.

15- Spiders & Crickets

Actually there are many types of insect or bugs that people eat like grasshopper, cricket, snake, snail, tarantula and more. The mango make everything look green, love it!

16- Product Promotion

Each year this is the big time for product promotion selling to estimate 2 to 3 million people to come to see the boat racing.

17-River Space for Racing

By the river bank where people can stand and see the boat. There are hundred of boats and the athletic on the surface of the water.

18- Beautiful Cambodian Flags

If you love taking photo then this is the time for you to come and you can get endless awesome photos.

19- What to do with hot weather?

Well if you know what i'm saying, here is the little hat that can protect you from getting sick.

20- Cooking for Fun

During the boat racing or water festival could be very boring days because of the crowded street and you don't want to get stuck on the road. So either trying to have some fun activities at home or arrange for a cooking class somewhere in the hotel or restaurants or could be just food day!